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Q. What is the Antique Toy Collectors of America.
A. The ATCA is a group of collectors who delight in the history and preservation of toys, who exchange information about toys, and willingly share their knowledge with other members and the public. We are all passionate in our collecting and seek and encourage others who relive childhood dreams through the joy of collecting antique toys. See our mission statement and history in About the ATCA.

Q. What types of toys do members collect?
A. Members collect toys from all over the world. The collections demonstrate a wide variety of interests and tastes—from Arks to Zeppelins—and focus primarily on antique toys.

Q. Can the ATCA appraise my toys?
A. The ATCA does not appraise toys, or offer information or advice on the purchase or selling of toys or toy collections.

Q. How do I join the ATCA?
A. The ATCA is a fun and exciting way to meet other collectors who share your interest in collecting antique toys. We welcome and accept membership to those whose collections meet the Membership Requirements. If you feel your collection fulfills these requirements you should fill in the Membership Request form and someone will contact you.

Q. Can I join the ATCA online?
No. While the club does not accept online membership through its website it does encourage all who are interested in joining to inquire. See Membership Requirements.

Q: How do I attend a toy convention?
A: The ATCA conventions are open to members only. You can only attend as a guest of a registered member or with your sponsors when you are applying for membership. See Membership Requirements.
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